Why Merchant Services through Us?

​Well, Here are 7 reasons​:

  1. We never charge unnecessary ancillary fees

  2. Transparent and ethically priced

  3. Complimentary advertising for our client’s businesses

  4. Risk Free: No long-term contracts and leases

  5. Unsurpassed Customer Service

  6. We always E-mail invoice clients. It's just good, GREEN business

  7. Technology: Modern equipment and tech partnerships.

So what are you looking for?

By the way... are you a non-profit organization?

We strive to help non-profits get ahead. We help make the most of your donations to non-profits and minimize administrative costs by offering special pricing on accepting donations.

Watch this video for our mission on improving transparency and customer experience in this industry

Payment Processing

Small business owners face a lot of challenges in the financial world

The best protection anyone can provide you in this sector of the financial industry is to be honest and transparent. We use a pricing strategy that empowers merchants to understand exactly what they are paying for. Never any hidden fees. Our founders are integrity focussed and against the shady tactics and deliberately designed complex pricing systems utilized by most credit card processors.

We only have one pricing method and that is because it is the fairest and most transparent among all pricing methods!

Interchange plus pricing AKA Cost Plus Pricing

And here is why:

If you can’t see how much transactions cost your provider, you can’t know what they’re charging you, or if they’re doing so fairly. Interchange are the costs set by the credit card companies themselves.


All providers must pay interchange. It’s unfortunate, but this industry has a negative reputation due to undisclosed and inexplicable fees, confusing pricing structures, and a predatory mindset towards smaller merchants.


Using the Cost plus pricing method we are marking up just as any other brokerage but you see the cost. We show you what most brokerages don't disclose. And between you and us, if they would, we are 100% sure that they would be more expensive than us!

Oh! and we make sure there are no payment limitations. Your customers can choose their preferred method, never reject a payment again!

e - Commerce

We have a solution designed to meet the needs of any merchant's E-Commerce enabled website. From shopping carts to recurring payments, we’ve got you covered!

Gemba can significantly minimize your costs compared to some of the other competitors in online payments such as Paypal. We can provide a ready-made hosted solution or develop a customized API solution where your customers never have to leave your site to make a payment.


  • Expert technical support

  • Unlimited user accounts

  • Customizable email receipts

  • Top notch fraud prevention and risk management

And more….

Contact us for more information on E-Commerce and experience a world wide web of difference!

Gemba Finance Inc is a proud member of the Canadian business community. We strive to educate and collaborate with like-minded businesses to make a difference environmentally and socially. People, Planet, and Profits. Let’s collaborate!

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