Leverage is Power


Consumers often consider mortgages as a burden, most want to pay it down as quickly as possible and be debt free before retirement. Some, who wish to use money to make money see mortgages as a tool. Many of these people may be clients of yours.

Leveraging mortgages to borrow money for investment purposes can be done through a principal residence or any other investment property. The goal is to obviously see a return higher than the rate on a mortgage. In today’s low rate climate, there is no better time to take advantage. There are tax advantages as well as mortgage interest used for the purposes of investments are tax deductible.

Of course, with any investment or strategy there is a degree of risk. For example, increases in the value of real estate is not guaranteed. The same can happen for mutual funds or segs but that’s where your guidance comes in.

We can provide the funds through two different mediums, a refinance for existing equity or through a home equity line of credit.

Throughout our professional careers, we’ve refinanced hundreds of millions of dollars in mortgages. Find out how we can help your clients and help you expand your business.