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All financial apps seem to do the same basic things, what makes Gemba X worth my time to check out?

There are a lot of financial apps in Canada today that individually do many things. Some say they will help you budget, some say they will help you to save and some say they will help you invest.


The problem is, they don't. Well... not really.

Over decades of helping thousands of clients, and a healthy portion of research, we realized that the most important things are to have a good big/long-term (macro) plan while ensuring you have a tool and resources to optimize the day to day (micro) behavior. With other financial apps, you are not really positively impacting your financial savvy and actual money behavior. They all lack one very important aspect of financial health sustainability.




Gemba X is the #1 app in Canada for measurably improving your financial savvy, and decision in measurable ways that reward BIG! 

We figured out how to take financial education and management, sociology, human psychology and AI technology, to create your maximum financial intelligence in one financial app that will help you build your financial health and sustain it.

Hooray! The pain in the butt of excel spreadsheets and jars and cute little apps that don't do much are finally replaced!

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