Lending Notes

Ever been declined for a credit application that you felt you deserved to be approved for? Sometimes your entire approval depends on the expertise, creativity, and listening skills of the banking representative that you are dealing with. With our Lending Notes Liaison service we will review your situation and write accurate and detailed notes that will give you the best shot at approval and proper representation of your unique financial scenario. They belong to you and can be re-used when needed.

Banking Assessment Review

Banking products can be confusing, from bank accounts and credit cards to mortgages and investments. Sometimes the things hardest to see are those right in front of us. Obtain impartial advice from people who are trained to review your banking scenario under microscopic lens. If we cannot locate savings for you, then you can rest easier at night knowing you are in the best possible situation with your banking and fees.


Lending Documents Review

Lets be honest, when was the last time you read the fine print? Sadly, many of us only find out about the fine print when its too late. We review your lending documents from any institution and will even call them directly to work with them to understand the important details that you need to know to intelligently decide if your lender is giving you the deal that they should be. Too often we extend our trust to a people who are being pressured by corporate sales targets. This can create the temptation to withhold information for their personal benefit. The end result and financial impact on your family, can be staggering. Besides, who doesn't want a second opinion?

Credit Repair Guidance

The credit rating system is one that has a huge impact on our lives. Not understanding what drives your credit rating up or down can have serious impacts and residual effects that could last for years. Trying to correct errors on the credit bureau, or trying to improve your credit score can also be a daunting task. At Gemba, we take the guesswork out for you and show you streamlined, effective processes and strategies to deal with these scenarios. Your credit bureau will be getting compliments and feeling more confident than ever.

Credit Facility Assessment

Everyone needs credit, even the more affluent have credit available to avoid liquidating investments. There are many different kinds of credit, and so many different interest rates, its not always easy to know what credit facility is best for each situation. We have the experience and resources to give you an unbiased view on what you have vs what you need. We need credit that works effectively to our benefit, and gives us the best rates without having to ask. Become empowered again and take back control of your finances.​​

Financial Liaison

At Gemba, we are proud to help clients navigate their way through any product with any bank. Just let us know what your goal is and we will dive into policy and help you get the imformation that you need to make a good decision.

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