Gemba finance is Changing Finance

Gemba Finance is saving Canadian Consumers thousands every day that would have otherwise been put back into our challenged financial system.


Gemba is also giving Canadians financial education for a sustainable financial freedom for future generations.

In 2008, we suffered a Global Financial Crisis and millions of people lost their jobs due to irresponsible leadership. We we're nearly one of those statistics.

We now find ourselves in Canada with over $600 Billion with no end in sight. The Global Financial Crisis and Debt Crisis served as a catalyst to launch Gemba Finance and our financial technology to offer people financial systems, services, literacy, and wellness in a time of desperate need.

We make you the captain and put the control in your hands. We have the knowledge, resources, partners, and technology to give you the best info, the best tools, and the best experience dealing with all things financial.

Ultimately, we want to help you spend your life doing the things you want to do, while still taking the wheel in your financial security and well being. Join us in our mission to help you regain financial control and get an awesome customer experience along the way.

If you want to be a part of Gemba finance and/or join our movement:

Toronto Office: 9 Cecil Nichols Ave. Markham Ontario, L6C 0L8

Halifax Office: 159 Crown Dr. Halifax Nova Scotia, B3N 1L2


Telephone: 1.844.MYGEMBA (694-3622)

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